Trail Runner Belt: Blue Pool, S/M 20-35 inch

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The Trail Runner™ Belt enhances miles on the trail by providing a hip belt and leash system for running with your dog on-leash and hands-free while comfortably carrying the essentials. The lay-flat design with light padding and stretch storage means a comfortable, bounce-free running experience when carrying your phone, keys, pick-up bags, and soft flask (not included) in the two zippered pockets.

The separate leash attachment strap is compatible with most leashes: unclip the side-release buckle, thread the strap through the handle of your leash, and clip back in.

The Trail Runner™ Leash is our favorite to pair with this belt. It’s a dynamic, shock-absorbing design and the optimal length for running, making the Trail Runner™ Running Belt and Leash the system that’ll have both you and your dog excited for your next run.

  • Lays flat with light padding for a comfortable, bounce-free design
  • Intuitive leash attachment system with side-release buckle works with most leashes with a handle
  • Two stretch zippered pockets for carrying essentials
  • Adjustable waist belt and available in two sizes, S/M (20 - 35 in; 51 - 89 cm) and L/XL (35 - 50 in; 89 - 127 cm)
  • Reflective trim for visibility in low-light conditions
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