Leather Multi Function Leads: Black Bridle, 3/4" x 6

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Leather Multi-Function Leads - 6 Ft Lengths - Some people know these as Euro Leads

Made in USA

We list 7 ways to use this leash. You will probably discover more ways to use it!

  • Standard 6 ft* leash or NEW 8 ft* leash
  • Snap hook to dee ring and sling over shoulder
  • Wear around the waist for a hands-free walking leash
  • Walk 2 dogs, hold in center, and snap one end to each dog
  • Snap to "floating ring" to use as slip leash or for supervised tethering
  • Snap to one dee ring and make it a 4 ft* leash
  • Snap to the other dee ring and make it a 3 ft* leash
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