Leedz: red, 4' x 5/8

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Just want to relax with your dog?

Whether you’re walking, running, training, hiking, boating or beach combing, RELAX, and fully enjoy the experience with Purple Pebble LEEDZ®!
Enjoy the benefits of our special, round woven design - shock absorbing and strong, while super soft and breathable, giving you a most comfortable grip! NO MORE LEASH BURN! No gizmos to break or malfunction and no plastic or rubber attachments that can cause hand sweating and slippage!
“Simple, yet brilliant,” if we may say so ourselves!

• Comfortable to Hold - gets even softer with use!
• Strong, dependable design
• Easy Maneuver, 360 degree, swivel snap,
• Super secure, lightweight leather bindings
• UV-and weather-resistant
• Non Bleed

Ultra thick, round woven LEEDZ with leather offer a winning combination of strength and softness! Comfort like they’ve never felt! You can assure your customers "No more leash burn!" with this handsome, reliable lead. Snap end is perfect for recreational use while slip end option is safe, effective and convenient for training. UV-weather resistant, non-bleed. Made in USA.

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