Lupine Bling Bonz Collar: 1/2 in wide, 10-16 inch

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  • GUARANTEED (Even if Chewed)®
  • Custom designed side quick-release buckle by YKK®
  • Welded steel D-ring for ID tags and easy leash attachment
  • Durable woven nylon designs, never printed - machine & hand washable

Small Dogs - Collar lengths 6"-16" by 1/2" wide

       Medium Dogs - Collar length 9"-25" by 3/4" wide

       Large Dogs - Collar length 12"-31" by 1" wide

      The most accurate way to choose the correct size range is to measure your dog.
      A fabric dressmaker’s tape measure is easiest and most accurate. Or, a piece of string can also be used and then measured.
      Measure the dog’s neck comfortably snug against the fur. Take the actual measurement and add 5% to determine the best size range

      Example: Actual measurement is 20” + 5% = 21” 

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