PawScout: Dog Tag, os

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Pawscout the Smarter Pet Tag™ combines radar-style Bluetooth tracking with a free community App.

  • COMMUNITY PET FINDER (BLUETOOTH, NOT GPS): Mark your pet as lost in the Pawscout App and automatically alert all Pawscouters who come within 300 feet of your pet. Receive notifications and location data when your pet comes within range of anyone with the Pawscout App.
  • DIGITAL PROFILE AND MEDICAL RECORDS: Create a full digital profile of your pet in the Pawscout App including photos, your contact info, vaccinations and behavioral or medical issues.
  • OUTDOOR VIRTUAL PET LEASH: The outdoor virtual pet leash in the Pawscout App enables you to receive instant notifications when your pet strays from the yard, park or other outdoor areas.
  • POINTS OF INTEREST: Find thousands of veterinarians, groomers, daycares, parks, and other pet-friendly locations on the map in the Pawscout App.
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