Wapiti Labs Split Elk Antler:, 8"

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For large and extra large breed dogs. Splits are great for softer chewers or dogs not familiar with elk antler products. Dogs love to have full access to the marrow in the middle of the chew! Typically not as long lasting as our whole antler chews.

  • Wapiti Labs Antlers are water rinsed ONLY, with no chemical treatments on our antlers.
  • A renewable source—antlers are naturally shed and re-grown by male elk each year.
  • From ranch-raised elk—tested annually for Chronic Wasting Disease and Tuberculosis.
  • Due to the freshness of our antlers, they rarely splinter, which makes them safe for your pet to chew.
  • Elk Antler Chews typically last much longer than rawhide.
  • The marrow acts like a natural toothbrush.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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